The Servants of the Cross take a few opportunities throughout the year to engage in works of service and spiritual development. We start each year with a get-together in early February. Throughout Lent we gather for practice session for the Living Stations of the Cross. This in itself is a beautiful bonding experience as teens sacrifice Sunday afternoons to prepare for the Living Stations.

In the winter, we commit to one service project:  this year, during our winter retreat, we served The Sandwich project of St. Paul by purchasing and assembling all of the items needed to provide 450 sandwiches to needy families in the area.  We were lead to pray for the people who will use these sandwiches to provide sustenance for their bodies(please see photos in photo gallery).

The summer is highlighted by a retreat for youths and their parents in early August in northern Minnesota Food, skits, mass, reflections, tubing, boating, confession, and having a priest or seminarian with us are just a few of the highlights of this retreat.

Around Christmas the entire Servants of the Cross group comes together to go caroling at a local nursing home. The Living Stations is the biggest event we have, but in order to make it work we must build the foundation of faith and fellowship.